Three things I would have done to maximise my student loan


They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. It can be in the sense that reflecting on past experiences helps you to avoid future mistakes. It also allows you to guide others into making better decisions than you had, so you can act as a sort of wiser elder. I often look back on my first year at university and how much better I could have taken advantage of the access I had to so many resources and new people. However when you are a young eighteen-year-old, it is rare to have developed that kind of wise head. A big regret of mine is squandering the student loan money I received on too many terrible take-aways and a whole plethora of other items I simply did not need.

I know other people who feel that way, which is not surprising as for many of us it is the first time in our young lives that we’ve had a sum of money like that sitting in our bank account for our disposal. It is easy to get overexcited and start spending like there’s no tomorrow. Therefore if it were possible and my current more financially savvy, business minded self could go back in time to talk to that fired-up little fresher, I would be much more aware of finding ways to multiply my money.

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