Our Mission

Launched in 2015, the magazine is an innovative and new age product on the market.


DK Magazine is dedicated to the empowerment of young people and their engagement with the business world whilst also looking after their lifestyle. We want to be involved in the developments of young people in the working world. DK wants to provide the future generations, the tools and insight they need, in order to be self reliant, intelligent and confident enough to make their dreams a reality


We believe that it is essential to advise our audience on how to take better care of their mental health and overall well being. Additionally, we also believe, it is important for our audience to be aware of the world and current events that are impacting their lives

DK operates on a multitude of different digital platforms such as laptops, desktops and all mobile devices. As we move into a technological world it is key for us to engage with different modes of online presences.


Our online presence is an integral part of our brand and our image. We value this and are certain our clients also see the importance in the exciting digital climate. Since DK was launched on a website premise in 2015, it has continued to develop and grown in its features.


The technology that our audience has access to is vast. Therefore we aim to exploit every single platform in order to reach a variety of people and also advertise your product by using numerous data capturing systems, in order to create an accurate picture of our audience.



The magazine is completely gender-neutral, targeting students and young professionals aged between18 – 25 as our predominant age group.



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